PM Modi to inaugurate India’s new Parliament building in Delhi

new Parliament
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New Parliament Building Inauguration in Delhi by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Today is the date 28th of May and this the is final day when the Inauguration has to be done. And absolutely our Indian PM Modi is inaugurating the new parliament building in Delhi.

New Parliament Building Delhi
New Parliament Building Delhi

Well as you know there has been a lot going on since last week as the opposition party Heard about the new Parliament will be inaugurated by PM Modi. The Opposition party was saying PM Modi Should not Inaugurate the New parliament as the new Parliament should be inaugurated by our president of India Draupadi Murmu should do it.

well as one of the citizens of the country, I think PM Modi should do it. and why I think this way because when the Parliament was being built our PM Modi was always taking updates on it at a personal level. He had visited the building many times while it was being completed.

Also, as an opposition yes you should argue but sometimes it’s better to celebrate India’s freedom like happiness as it is the first time after Freedom the new parliament is getting inaugurated, and it’s a proud movement for India.

What is Our new Parliament like from Above?

The new parliament as you can see really looks like a Dream building. It looks unreal and it really looks amazing the building of the new parliament is far better than the old one.

The Image has been taken by drone I guess as if I am not the photographer and I don’t own this image right so I can only guess.

What does Parliament look like from the Inside?

New Parliament Building Delhi

Sengol which will be installed in the new Parliament building

This is the picture of Sengol which will be installed in the new parliament as I have heard on the news. It is the symbol of transferring power from one person to another. I’m just telling you in a very basic language.

New Parliament
New Parliament

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