How to download BGMI (Battel Ground Mobile India)

battel ground mobile india
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BGMI (Battel Ground Mobile India) – It’s been a Long time since it was banned but now the Game is back. It wasn’t available two days ago, And I Had to download it from Battle Ground Mobile India’s Official Website. The link from the official website of BGMI (Battel Ground Mobile India) Took me to the Play Store and that even says it’s not available right now on Play Store But it was avail but not for the public.

Is BGMI available on Google now?

Yes, The game is now Available on the Google Play Store and you can download it from the Play Store. You just have to search Battle Ground Mobile India. Now Even if you search just BGMI then it will show up.

Day to day ago with the same keywords BGMI or Battle Ground Mobile India, the game was not showing.

BGMI (Battle Ground Mobile India)
battel ground mobile india
battel ground mobile india

BGMI (Battle Ground Mobile India) Official Website – Click Here

You just have to click on the download button.

Google Play Store BGMI Downloadable Link: – Click Here

It may be a desktop version but I’m sure it will redirected to the Mobile Play Store too.

When I will be able to Play the Game? battel ground mobile india

Well, to Play the BGMI Game You just need to wait for tonight it’s the 28th of May, and from the
29th of May, it will be available to play. You can download the age now and Update it but After Today you will be able to play the game and even when you download the game you will see the Notice on the game which will not be able to canceled. and it will say when the game will be playable.

What you will get after the Game Launch as a Gift?

battel ground mobile india
battel ground mobile india

As you can see in the Image, I have taken a Screenshot of the Instagram battle Ground Mobile Legends Official page and it says you will get 4 Free Permanent Rewards from BGMI.

I hope you guys will enjoy the Game while you play it.

If you want to know about are features of the game now Please let me know and I will make a video and a blog

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