7 Hidden Gems of Italy to Visit this Holiday Season

7 Hidden Gems of Italy to Visit this Holiday Season
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If visiting Italy is your priority, this holiday season. You must be thinking of all the same locations that are visited by tourists during vacations. Florence, Rome, Venice, and Verona, could be some of the places on your bucket list.

But if you have been looking to spend some quality time in Italian provinces for the perfect holiday experience. You need to check out these Italian hidden gems that would be perfect for your visit.

Matera- 7 Hidden Gems of Italy to Visit this Holiday Season

Matera is the city that has survived and thrived for years now. The ancient city that has been located on the mountain is full of stories and bricks that have been there for ages. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked by travelers. But if you are a history maniac you must visit Matera, at least once.

7 Hidden Gems of Italy to Visit this Holiday Season
7 Hidden Gems of Italy to Visit this Holiday Season

Guided tours in Matera are the most common ones to explore the city in the shortest amount of time. Even though, a human guide would be available to your service. But Matera also offers a sound guide that keeps playing in your air pods guiding you through the stone-paved streets and stairs and letting you know about the significance of all the caves and crypts that you witness here. The guided tour is also known as Sassi di Matera.

You need to explore the Crypt of Original Sin, Matera Cave Town, Rocky Churches at Murgia Park, walk through the streets of Sassi, enjoy a spa day at the caved hotels and restaurants, Take an Adventurous hike to the Belvedere or spend some peaceful time at the Cathedral of Matera. But most importantly, Do Not miss the magical sunsets of this city.

Procida- 7 Hidden Gems of Italy to Visit this Holiday Season

You might have Naples on your bucket list if you are visiting Italy. But if you do not know about this little paradise near Naples, you might miss an experience in Italy. Procida is a perfect place for a day trip from Naples. Its aesthetically pleasing streets and water all around make it a peaceful location for many travelers.

Since Procida is an Island, you can take a ferry or hydrofoils from Naples to reach the land. From the houses to the churches, everything is colorful on this Island. It is a fisherman’s tale that can tell you why the houses are colored pink, orange, blue, and red. Along with the churches, the pure lemon-colored church would be Chiesa di Santa Maria della Pieta, and the lemon, and the yellow-colored church would be Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Being near Naples the restaurants here are filled with lip-smacking delicacies. The gelato shops would serve as your perfect dessert destination. There are some historical sites on the Island as well. But if you are a beach lover, you will find some peaceful beaches to spend some quality time at. Don’t miss that.

Saturnia- 7 Hidden Gems of Italy

The Spa city of Italy, Saturnia is a 2-hour drive from Sienna Italy. And would require a weekend of your time to explore the magic of this paradise completely. The advantage of its geographical location is near Volcanoes, and you would find many natural, healing hot springs here.

And that is the magic of Saturnia. The waters in these hot springs magically maintain at 37 degrees. All you need to do is to book a car, drive to the place, and stay at an available stay that is affordable. To know the history of the place, you can visit the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena. The church is adorned with magical frescoes and spell-binding sculptures.

Apart from those, Saturnia Walls, the Roman Gate, and the Archaeological Museum are other places that you can explore in this town.

Lake Orta- 7 Hidden Gems of Italy

Have you been thinking of taking the oath of Silence after those long tiresome meetings and meaningless conversations? This is the place that would serve the best meditation app for you on your vacation. Lake Orta is a quiet spot in Northern Italy. Why is it called Quiet?

You need to stay quiet during your visit to this place as instructed at the biggest monastery in the region. You can still explore the various churches here. But around the monastery, visitors are forbidden to visit. You need to take a walk of silence.

Apart from getting your chakras aligned and getting your vibrations right at Orta, you would be delighting your eyes with the picturesque scenery all around you. So, if you have lost all faith in wellness, mediation apps, Reiki sessions, and Crystals, you need to visit Lake Orta to get your vibes right.

Perugia- 7 Hidden Gems of Italy

Perugia is the chocolate city of Italy. It also has a major art university that attracts thousands of students from around the world. It is the capital city of the Umbria region but it is not as famous as other capital cities such as Florence, Bologna, and Rome.

Apart from the alluring atmosphere and the range of cuisines of the restaurants here. Perugia is also famous for its historical buildings that date back to the medieval period. Taking a walk at the Piazza IV in November during the evening is the best experience this place has to offer. Fontana Maggiore would leave you stunned by its architecture and design.

Perugia has many churches but one of the best is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, which is a fine specimen of Renaissance art. The National Gallery of Umbria in the city is another place that would give you enough knowledge of the city and its history. And, you would soon realize that you have fallen in love with this city all over again.

Positano- 7 Hidden Gems of Italy

Amalfi Coast is one of the most famous coasts among lovers of Italian holidays. But Positano is the hidden heaven that most people miss while visiting the coast. And yes, it is comparatively cheaper than the Amalfi coast and less crowded too.

The city is filled with art, culture, history, natural beauty, and magical sunsets. Starting from Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, the main church of the city to hiking through the Path of Gods, it is all an experience worth having. Want to splurge on home décor, head on to Absolute Positano, the painting store or Ceramica Assunta, the Pottery Store.

La Tagilata and Positano Paradise Lounge and Bar would give you the perfect taste of Italian food. Forniollo Beach and Arienzo Beach are perfect to meditate on the sound of waves.

Dolomites- 7 Hidden Gems of Italy

Are you tired of beaches in Italy? Then the mountains of Italy would rescue you from this boredom. You are cordially welcome to the Dolomites. A mountain region that once was heaven for mineralogists is one of the most magnificent locations for travelers around the world.

If Italian history bores you and you are tired of the restaurant food and club services. A countryside location with a cabin would be perfect for you. As a pleasant surprise, you will find mountains and grassy plains as far as you can see. The fresh breeze and natural views are the perfect gifts for Dolomite visitors.

Bolzano is considered the gateway to Dolomite. So, that would make your passage. The best months to visit the place would be July through the middle of September.

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