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Sometimes we don’t know the sign name, the character,  and the Symbols name. Like some time when I see some symbol and I forgot the name so that’s the reason I have written this blog even tho I don’t even get any traffic on this blog but still, it’s knowledgeable information so I have written it. I hope you will find it informative.

List of characters, symbols & sign names

Below is an overview of 85 constantly used characters, punctuation symbols, or signs that are included in utmost sources. These include punctuation marks and other symbols used in typography. Technically these character shapes are called characters. Next to each icon name the Unicode and HTML reality are listed, as well as the ASCII law and HTML reality if these are available. I also listed the Windows ALT keystroke or the Mac fellow that can be used to fit the character in a textbook. 

 The typeface used for utmost exemplifications is Arial Bold. Small lines indicate the birth,  x-height, and ascender and descender heights. 

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$ ¢  £   ¥ ¤


æ Æ œ Œ â ç è


+  × ÷ =    ¬ ± <   >  # %   


½ ⅓ ¼ ⅔ ¾ ¹ ² ³


. , : ; ! ¡ ? ¿  &   @  ¦  { } ( ) [ ] ° ¨ ‹ › « »  ~ _


 | ¦ † ‡ ° ¨ ♀ ♂  * µ Å Ω  © ®  §


Here 😀

AE ligatures – æ and Æ 

 lowercase ae ligature 

 Lowercase ae 

 Lowercase ae 

 Unicode U 000E6 

 HTML reality & aelig; – HTML law æ 

 PC keystroke ALT 0230 


 uppercase ae ligature 

 Uppercase ae 

 Uppercase ae 

 Unicode U 000C8 

 HTML reality & AElig; – HTML law Æ 

 PC keystroke ALT 0198 


 nearly Equal To – ≈ 

 nearly equal to subscribe 

 nearly equal to 

 Unicode U 02248 

 HTML reality & amp; – HTML law ≈ 

 Also called roughly equals, asymptotic to, or the double tilde. The tilde( 

, roughly equal to( ≅), and asymptotically equal to( ≃) are other signs used to indicate approximation, depending on the environment. 


 Ampersand – & 

 ampersand sign 


 Unicode U 00026 – ASCII 38 

 HTML reality & – HTML law & 

 Badge deduced from the letters et – Latin for ‘ and ’ 

 PC keystrokes generally set up in the top row 


 Angstrom – Å 



 Unicode U 0212B 

 HTML law Å 

 Letter from the Swedish ABC that’s used to indicate a unit of length equal to0.1 nanometre( 10 −10 m) 


 Apostrophe – ‘ 

 apostrophe sign 


 Unicode U 00027 – ASCII 39 

 HTML reality ‘ – HTML law ‘ 

 Also called the ending single citation mark 

 PC keystroke ALT 39 or ALT 0027 


 roughly equal to – ≅ 

 roughly equal to 

 roughly equal to 

 Unicode U 02245 

 HTML reality & cong; – HTML law ≅ 


 Asterisk – * 

 asterisk sign 


 Unicode U 0002A – ASCII 42 

 HTML reality & ast; – HTML law * 

 PC keystroke ALT 42 


 At subscribe –@ 

 at sign 


 Unicode U 00040 – ASCII 64 

 HTML reality & comment; – HTML law @ 

 In Unicode, this is called the marketable icon. 


 Backslash – 

 backslash sign 

 Rear Solidus 

 Unicode U 0005C – ASCII 92 

 HTML reality & bsol; – HTML reality  

 The Unicode name is rear gash indeed though that icon is less perpendicular. 


 Broken Vertical Bar – ¦ 

 broken perpendicular bar sign 

 Broken Vertical Bar 

 Unicode U 000A6 

 HTML reality & brvbar; – HTML law ¦ 

 PC keystroke ALT 0166 


 pellet – • 

 pellet sign 


 Unicode U 02022 

 HTML reality & bull; – HTML law • 

 PC keystroke ALT 0149 


 Caret – 



 Unicode U 0005E – ASCII 94 

 HTML reality & chapeau; – HTML law ^ 

 Also called the chapeau, roof, or house sign. 

 Used in mathematics to represent an exponent, similar to a square or cell(e.g. 63). Also used as a longhand for Ctrl(e.g. Ctrl C = C) or to indicate the content is missing. Not to be confused with the circumflex accentuation which is used on top of characters(e.g. â) 



 cedilla sign 


 Unicode U 000B8 

 HTML reality & ccedil; for a lowercase c with cedilla 

 generally added underneath other characters,e.g. ç or Ȩ. Resembles a small ‘ 5 ’ in utmost typefaces. 


 Cent subscribe – ¢ 

 cent sign 


 Unicode U 000A2 

 HTML reality & cent; – HTML law ¢ 

 Used in numerous currencies, occasionally with a perpendicular line or no line 

 PC keystroke ALT 0162 


 Checkmark – ✓ 



 Unicode U 02713 

 HTML reality & check; – HTML law ✓ 

 There’s also a bold or heavy checkmark ✔( HTML law ✔) 


 Colon – 

 colon sign 


 Unicode U 0003A – ASCII 58 

 HTML reality & colon; – HTML law : 

 The punctuation mark that frequently precedes an explanation or a list 


 Comma –, 

 comma sign 


 Unicode U 0002C – ASCII 44 

 HTML reality & comma; – HTML law , 

 The punctuation mark that’s among others used to separate the corridor of a judgment or list 


 Brand subscribe – © 

 brand sign 


 Unicode U 000A9 

 HTML reality & dupe; – HTML law © 

 Symbols used in brand notices 

 PC keystroke ALT 0169 – Mac keystroke OPTION g 


 Curled classes –{} 

 left curled type 

 Left Curly Bracket 

 Left Curly Bracket 

 Unicode U 0007B – ASCII 123 

 HTML reality & brace; – HTML law { 

 Also called the left-wing brace 


 right curled type 

 Right Curled type 

 Right Curled type 

Unicode U 0007D – ASCII 125 

 HTML reality & brace; – HTML law } 

 Also called the right brace 


 Currency subscription – ¤ 

 currency sign 


 Unicode U 000A4 

 HTML reality & current; – HTML law ¤ 

 Longhand for a currency’s name, especially in reference to quantities of plutocrat 

 PC keystroke ALT 0164 


 Daggers – † and ‡ 




 Unicode U 02020 

 HTML reality & dagger; – HTML law † 

 Typographical symbol to indicate a citation( as volition to using asterisks) 

 PC keystroke ALT 0134 – Mac keystroke OPTION T 


 double dagger 

 Double dagger 

 Double dagger 

 Unicode U 02021 

 HTML reality & Dagger; – HTML law ‡ 

 PC keystroke ALT 0135 


 Degree – ° 

 degree sign 


 Unicode U 000B0 

 HTML reality & deg; – HTML law ° 

 PC keystroke ALT 0176 – Mac keystroke SHIFT OPTION 8 


 Diaeresis or Umlaut – ¨ 

 diaeresis sign 

 Diaeresis or Umlaut 

 Unicode U 000A8 

 HTML reality & uml; 

 Diacritic( icon added to other characters as an accentuation,e.g. ë or Ä) that’s called a diaeresis in languages like French or Spanish while it’s called an umlaut in German. further on the difference can be set up then. 

 PC keystroke ALT 0168 


 Division subscribe – ÷ 

 division sign 

 Division subscribe 

 Unicode U 000F7 

 HTML reality & peak; – HTML law ÷ 

 Used to indicate fine division indeed though the ISO 80000- 2 standard recommends using the gash(/) for this. 

 PC keystroke ALT 0247 


 Dollar subscribe –$ 



 Bone subscribe 

 Unicode U 00024 – ASCII 36 

 HTML reality & bone

 ; – HTML law $ 

 Also used for the Peso and other currencies 


 Ellipsis – 



 Unicode U 02026 

 HTML reality & hellip; – HTML law … 

 Also called the triadic- fleck or suspense point. further word at Wikipedia 

 PC keystroke ALT 0133 – Mac keystroke OPTION; 


 EM gusto 

 em dash 

 Em gusto 

 Unicode U 02014 

 HTML reality — – HTML law — 

 PC keystroke ALT 0151 – Mac keystroke SHIFT ALT hyphen 


 EN gusto – — 

 en gusto 

 En gusto 

 Unicode U 02013 

 HTML reality – – HTML law – 

 The punctuation mark that’s substantially used to show ranges in figures and dates

(e.g. the times 1914 – 1918) 

 PC keystroke ALT 0150 – Mac keystroke ALT hyphen 


 coordinates subscribe – = 


 Equal subscribe 

 Unicode U 0003D – ASCII 61 

 HTML reality & equals; – HTML law = 

 The mathematical symbol used to indicate equivalency. Also named the equivalency sign 


 Euro subscribe –€ 


 Euro subscribe 

 Unicode U 020AC 

 HTML reality & euro; – HTML law € 

 Used for the euro, the sanctioned currency of utmost European countries 

 PC keystroke ALT 0128 


 interjection Mark –! 

 interjection mark 

 interjection Mark 

 Unicode U 00021 – ASCII 33 

 HTML reality & excl; – HTML law! 

 Also called the interjection point 

 Punctuation marks are used to indicate strong passions or high volume or to show emphasis, frequently at the end of a judgment 


 Female subscribe – ♀ 

 womanish sign 

 womanish subscribe 

 Unicode U 002640 

 HTML reality & lady; – HTML law ♀ 

 PC keystroke ALT 12 


 fragments – ½ ⅓ ¼ ⅔ ¾ 

 bit one half 

 One Half 

 One-half bit – ½ 

 Unicode U 000BD – ASCII – 

 HTML reality & frac12; – HTML law ½ 

 PC keystroke ALT 0189 or ALT 171 


 bit one quarter 

 One Quarter 

 One-quarter bit – ¼ 

 Unicode U 000BC 

 HTML reality & frac14; – HTML law ¼ 

 PC keystroke ALT 0188 or ALT 172 


 bit one third 

 One Third 

 One-third bit – ⅓ 

 Unicode U 02153 

 HTML reality & frac13; – HTML law ⅓ 


 three diggings bit 

 Three diggings 

 Three diggings bit – ¾ 

 Unicode U 000BE 

 HTML reality & frac34; – HTML law ¾ 


 two thirds 

 Two thirds 

 Two-thirds bit – ⅔ 

 Unicode U 02154 

 HTML reality & frac23; – HTML law ⅔ 

 PC keystroke ALT 0190 


 Full Stop –. 

 full stop 

 Full Stop 

 Unicode U 0002E – ASCII 46 

HTML reality & period; – HTML law. 

 Also called the period. 


 Grave Accent – 

 grave accentuation 

 Grave Accent 

 Unicode U 00060 

 Also called the backtick. 

 PC keystroke ALT 96 


 Greater Than Subscribe –> 

 lesser than 

 Greater Than subscribe 

 Unicode U 0003E – ASCII 62 

 HTML reality > – HTML law > 


 Hyphen – – 



 Unicode U 02010 

 HTML reality & hyphen; – HTML law ‐ 

 Punctuation marks are used to join words and to separate syllables of a single word. 

 Different from and slightly shorter than the dashes, like the en- gusto( –), and the disadvantage sign(-) 


 Identical To subscribe – ≡ 

 identical to 

 Identical To subscribe 

 Unicode U 02261 

 HTML reality & equiv; – HTML law ≡ 

 Also called the triadic bar sign. 

 There’s also a not identical to subscribe( ≢ – HTML reality & equip; – HTML law ≨) 


 perpetuity – ∞ 



 Unicode U 0221E 

 HTML reality & infin; – HTML law ∞ 


 Interrobang – 



 Unicode U 0203D 

 HTML law ‽ 

 Also, called the bang or interabang and represented by?!,!?,?!? or!?! 

 Punctuation marks used to express excitement or unbelief or to ask a rhetorical question 


 reversed Exclamation Mark – ¡ 

 reversed exclamation mark 

 reversed Exclamation Mark 

 Unicode U 000A1 

 HTML reality & iexcl; – HTML law ¡ 

 Also called the downside down interjection mark 

 PC keystroke ALT 0161 


 reversed Question Mark – ¿ 

 inverted question mark 

 reversed Question Mark 

 Unicode U 000BF 

 HTML reality & inquest; – HTML law ¿ 

 Also called the downside down question mark 

 PC keystroke ALT 0191 


 Less Than Subscribe –< 

 lower than 

 Less Than subscribe 

 Unicode U 0003C – ASCII 60 

 HTML reality < – HTML law < 


 lower Than Or Equal To subscribe – ≤ 

 lower than or equal to 

 lower Than Or Equal To subscribe 

 Unicode U 02264 – ASCII – 

 HTML reality & le; – HTML law ≤ 


 capsule – ◊ 


 capsule subscribe 

 Unicode U 025CA 

 HTML reality & loz; – HTML law ◊ 

 Also called the diamond, rhombus, or thin rhombus 

 PC keystroke ALT 4 for the black or filled capsule 


 manly subscribe – ♂ 

 manly sign 

 joker subscribe 

 Unicode U 02642 – ASCII – 

 HTML reality & joker; – HTML law &# 9794; 

 PC keystroke ALT 11 


 Micro – µ 


 Micro subscribe 

 Unicode U 000B5 – ASCII – 

 HTML reality & micro; – HTML law µ 

 This is the Greek letter mu. 

 PC keystroke ALT 0181 – Mac keystroke ALT M 


 disadvantage – – 

 minus sign 

 disadvantage subscribe 

 Unicode U 02212 – ASCII 45 

 HTML reality & disadvantage; – HTML law − 

 Math symbols used for deduction as well as the notion of negative 

 PC keystroke ALT 45 


 further Than Or Equal To subscribe – ≥ 

 further than or equal to 

 further than or Equal To subscribe 

 Unicode U 02265 – ASCII – 

 HTML reality & ge; – HTML law ≥ 


 addition subscribe – × 


 addition subscribe 

 Unicode U 000D7 – ASCII – 

 HTML reality & times; – HTML law × 

 Also called the times to subscribe or the dimension sign and is different from the lowercase ‘ x ’. 

 PC keystroke ALT 0215 


 Not subscribe – ¬ 

 not subscribe 

 Not subscribe 

 Unicode U 000AC 

 HTML reality & not; – HTML law ¬ 

 Also called the negation sign 

 PC keystroke ALT 0172 


 Not Equal To Subscribe – ≠ 

 not equal to subscribe 

 Not Equal To subscribe 

 Unicode U 02260 – ASCII – 

 HTML reality & ne; – HTML law ≠ 

 Mac keystroke OPTION = 

 subscribe is used to indicate that two amounts, expressions or equations aren’t equal. 

This isn’t called the ‘ rent equal ’ sign. 


 Number subscribe –# 

 number sign 

 Number subscribe 

 Unicode U 00023 – ASCII 35 

 Also appertained to as the pound, hash, or octothorp sign 


 OE ligatures – œ and Œ 

 lowercase or ligature 

 Lowercase oe 

 Lowercase oe 

 Unicode U 00153 

 HTML reality & oelig; – HTML law œ 

 PC keystroke ALT 0156 

uppercase or ligature 

 Uppercase oe 

 Uppercase oe 

 Unicode U 00152 

 HTML reality & OElig; – HTML law Œ 

 PC keystroke ALT 0140 


 Ohm subscribe – Ω 

 ohm sign 


 Unicode U 02126 

 HTML law Ω 

 Identical to the greek capital letter omega 

Gap –() 
 left gap 
 Left Parenthesis 
 Left Parenthesis 
 Unicode U 00028 – ASCII 40 
 HTML reality & lpar; – HTML law ( 
 A punctuation mark used to enclose information 
 Also appertained to as the left round type or left twisted type or opening type( in the UK) 
 right gap 
 Right gap 
 Right gap 
 Unicode U 00029 – ASCII 41 
 HTML reality & repair; – HTML law ) 
 A punctuation mark used to enclose information 
 Also appertained to as the right round type or right twisted type or ending type( in the UK) 
 Percent subscribe – 
 percent sign 
 Unicode U 00025 – ASCII 37 
 HTML reality & percent; – HTML law % 
 Symbols are used to indicate a chance, a number, or a rate as a bit of 100. 
 Also called the chance to sign 
 Per Mille subscription – ‰ 
 per mille sign 
 Per Mille subscribe 
 Unicode U 02030 
 HTML reality & permit; – HTML law ‰ 
 The symbol used to indicate corridor per 1000. 
 Also called the per shop or per mille sign 
 PC keystroke ALT 0137 
 Per Ten Thousand subscribe – ‱ 
 per ten thousand 
 Per ten thousand 
 Unicode U 02031 
 HTML reality & pertenk; – HTML law ‱ 
 The symbol used to indicate corridor per 10000. 
 PC keystroke ALT 0137 
 Pilcrow subscribe – ¶ 
 Pilcrow subscribe 
 Pilcrow subscribe 
 Unicode U 000B6 
 HTML reality & para; – HTML law ¶ 
 Also called the paragraph mark, paraph or alinea 
 PC keystroke ALT 0182 – Mac keystroke OPTION 7 
 Plus subscribe – 
 plus subscribe 
 Plus subscribe 
 Unicode U 0002B – ASCII 43 
 HTML reality & plus; – HTML law + 
 Math symbols used for addition as well as the notion of positive 
 Plus Minus subscribe – ± 
 plus minus 
 Plus- Minus subscribe 
 Unicode U 000B1 
 HTML reality & plusmn; – HTML law ± 
 Mathematical symbols with multiple meanings, are also appertained to as give or take. 
 PC keystroke ALT 0177 
 Pound subscribe –£ 
 Pound subscribe 
 Unicode U 000A3 – ASCII – 
 HTML reality & pound; – HTML law £ 
 In the US, the ‘ pound sign ’ refers to the number sign(#). 
There’s also a double gusto interpretation ₤ 
 PC keystroke ALT 0163 – Mac keystroke OPTION 3 
 Question Mark –? 
 question mark 
 Question Mark 
 Unicode U 0003F – ASCII 63 
 HTML reality & hunt; – HTML law? 
 Punctuation mark to indicate an interrogative clause or expression 
 Quotation Marks – ” ‹ ›«» 
 There are regular and angled citation marks. These punctuation marks are used for citations in a number of languages. 
 citation mark 
 Citation Mark 
 Unicode U 00022 – ASCII 34 
 HTML reality ” – HTML law ” 
 Also called the double quotation. Typographers generally prefer separate left and right double citation marks. These look like this “ ”. Left and right single citation marks also live ‘ ’. Also there are two so-called low- 9 variants ‚ „ and a double high-retrograde- 9 citation mark ‟. 
 Single-angle citation marks 
 Left Single Angle Quotation Mark 
 Left pointing single angle citation mark 
 Unicode U 02039 
 HTML reality & lsaquo; – HTML law ‹ 
 Not to be confused with the ‘ lower than ’ subscribe(<) 
 Right Single Angle Quotation Mark 
 Right pointing single angle citation mark 
 Unicode U 0203A 
 HTML reality & rsaquo; – HTML law › 
 Not to be confused with the ‘ lesser than ’ subscribe(>) 
 Double-angle citation marks 
 Double angle citation marks are also called guillemets or double decorations 
 left angle double citation mark 
 Left Double Angle Quotation Mark 
 Left pointing double angle citation mark 
 Unicode U 000AB 
 HTML reality & laquo; – HTML law « 
 PC keystroke ALT 0171 
 right-pointing double angle citation 
 Right Double Angle Quotation Mark 
 Right pointing double angle citation mark 
 Unicode U 000BB 
 HTML reality & raquo; – HTML law » 
 PC keystroke ALT 0187 
 Registered subscribe – ® 
 Registered subscribe 
 Unicode U 000AE – ASCII – 
 HTML reality & regulation; – HTML law ® 
 Also called the Racol. 
 PC keystroke ALT 0174 – Mac keystroke OPTION R 
 Ruble – ₽ 
 Ruble subscribe 
 Unicode U 020BD 
 HTML law ⁾ 
 Used for the ruble or rouble, the currency of Russia 
 Rupee – ₹ 
 Indian Rupee subscribe 
 Unicode U 020B9 
 HTML law ₹ 
 Used for the rupee, the currency of India. There’s an alternate sign for the rupee ₨( Unicode U 20A8, HTML law ₨). It’s used by other countries that also use a rupee, similar to Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal 
 Section subscribe –§ 
 Section subscribe 
 Unicode U 000A7 – ASCII – 
 HTML reality & side; – HTML law § 
 PC keystroke ALT 0167 
 Semicolon –; 
 Unicode U 0003B – ASCII 59 
 HTML reality & semi; – HTML law ; 
 Slash –/ 
 Unicode U 0002F – ASCII 47 
 HTML reality & sol; – HTML law / 
 Also called the forward rent or stroke( UK). 
 In Unicode, it’s called the gash indeed though that icon is less perpendicular. 
 Square classes –() 
 left square type 
 Left Bracket 
 Left Bracket 
 Unicode U 0005B – ASCII 91 
 HTML reality & black; – HTML law [ 
 Also called the left individualism or opening type( in the USA) 
 right square type 
 Right Bracket 
 Right Bracket 
 Unicode U 0005D – ASCII 93 
 HTML reality & brack; – HTML law ] 
 Also called the right individualism or ending type( in the USA) 
 Superscript One – ¹ 
 catchword one 
 Superscript One 
 Unicode U 000B9 
 HTML reality & sup1; – HTML law ¹ 
 PC keystroke ALT 0185 
 Superscript Two – ² 
 catchword two 
 Catchword Two 
 Unicode U 000B2 
 HTML reality & sup2; – HTML law ² 
 PC keystroke ALT 0178 
 Superscript Three – ³ 
 catchword three 
 Superscript Three 
 Unicode U 000B9 
 HTML reality & sup3; – HTML law ³ 
 PC keystroke ALT 0179 
 Tilde – 
 Unicode U 0007E 
 HTML reality & tilde; – HTML law ~ 
 Also called the swung gusto, squiggly or twiddle. 
 PC keystroke ALT 0126 
 Used to indicate ‘ roughly ’ or ‘ around ’. It can also indicate ‘ analogous to ’. In some languages, the tilde is placed over a letter to indicate a change in its pronunciation. 
 Trade Mark subscribe – ™ 
 Trade Mark subscribe 
 Unicode U 02122 
 HTML reality & trade; – HTML law ™ 
 Symbol to indicate that the antedating mark is an unrecorded trademark. 
For registered trademarks ® is used. 
 PC keystroke ALT 0153 – Mac keystroke OPTION 2 
 Underscore –, 
 Low Line 
 Unicode U 0005F – ASCII 95 
 HTML reality & low bar; – HTML law _ 
 Also known as the low line, low gusto, or understroke icon 
 PC keystroke ALT 95 
 Vertical Line –| 
 perpendicular line 
 Vertical Line 
 Unicode U 0007C – ASCII 124 
 HTML reality & vert; – HTML law | 
 Also called the pipe, pipeline symbol, Sheffer stroke, perpendicular rent, suppose colon or separator line. 
 A symbol that’s generally encountered in statements involving sense and sets 
 PC keystroke ALT 124 
 yearning subscribe – ¥ 
 yearning subscribe 
 Unicode U 000A5 
 HTML reality & yearning; – HTML law ¥ 
 Also used for the Chinese Yuan currency 
 PC keystroke ALT 0165 – Mac keystroke OPTION Y 

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